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Party Buster NYC Presents: How To Choose A Table Rental

When putting hard work into organizing an event, the tables and chairs are sure to play a crucial role in the setting, the way in which people socialize, and setting the right tone and ambience of the environment. Most people don’t understand or just plainly do not think of what a major role a table can play in these situations. It definitely will influence the feeling that the party or gathering will have.

Rectangle Tables

A rectangle table usually puts off the vibe of a more casual and laid back setting. These can be lined up side by side in long rows and can be creatively arranged into the shape of larger rectangles. Because of this, this type of table is commonly used for family oriented or picnic events. This is not the choice you would want to make if you are attempting you give off a more professional feel or when you are seating a large number of people.

Banquet Tables

Banquet tables come in various different sizes ranging in length, height, and weight. These can actually be a type of rectangle or round table. We’ll get into round tables later but rectangle banquet tables are used for seating in tighter environments like small backyards, banquet halls and inside homes. Ultimately taking up less space, they allow for more people to sit around them and even on the ends, creating even more seating.

Cocktail Tables

Cocktail tables are an excellent choice to place around a bar area or the dance floor. They are also perfect for events that don’t involve large meals like a full lunch or dinner. These are better suited for when just small foods and drinks are in the mix. They also bode well at the beginning of a formal event when serving appetizers and cocktails before ultimately moving to a different location or room for the main formal setup.

Round Tables

After you have moved the cocktail table into the next destination where the main event is planned, a round table is more than likely the best choice for this type of setting. This indicates a more formal feel. Since everyone is seated closer together and it is easy to face everyone in this setting, a round table is ideal for conversation engagement.

There are several different choices that you’ll be faced with when attempting to set the right mood for your environment at the event. Tables give off an unconscious and unnoticed message when done right or wrong at a social gathering. They can sometimes be the decider of how the party starts or ends. If you’re guests are not comfortable, they are surely going to be harshly tasked with having a good time, bringing the mood of the whole event down. But as long as you get it right, people will more than likely never give it a thought while subconsciously knowing that their party or event was planned right. Follow this simple guide to make sure that you never get it wrong again.

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