Rental Equipment For Backyard Wedding

Wedding Held In Backyard

If you have a low budget for your wedding, a low key outdoor wedding can help you save money. A backyard wedding can be a refreshing and peculiar style to wed. Planning this type of wedding has many advantages. Although it involves lots of organizations, help, and support of a wedding consultant, the maid of […]

Party Rentals 102: Renting A Stage and Dance Floor

Dance floor and Staging Rentals For Parties & Events

Staging and flooring are two foundation elements in the making of a great party, but often times, they are not paid enough attention. Most times the celebrants and planners focus more on the theme, menu, event program, and décor. However, no party is ever complete without fantastic music and good dancing! If you’re in charge […]

Dance floor and Staging Rentals For Parties & Events

Dance floor and Staging Rentals For Parties & Events

There are parties, and then there are parties. If you’re staging the latter, you need more than just a few balloons and some tables and chairs.  If you’re planning a big event that requires a dance floor and maybe even a stage, you’re going to need a rental company that has all of the things you […]

A Crash Course In Chair Rentals For NYC Residents

Chair Rentals NY

When you have a private dinner party, you can usually cobble together enough chairs by looking around your home. Sure, if the party is larger than expected, someone may be sitting in an office roller chair, while a kid is sitting on a footstool, but everyone will have a place to sit. What if your […]

Chair Rentals for Parties, everything you need to know

Chair Rentals for Parties

You’re throwing a party, and there are a lot of details to consider. Whether it’s a birthday, graduation, anniversary, welcome home party or an entire wedding and reception, one thing that is easy to overlook is the amount of chairs you will need to accommodate each of the guests. Be prepared and learn everything you […]

Planning a Party? Consider Using Party Rentals

Throwing a party is a fairly colossal task, or at least it can feel that way.  Even for party throwing veterans who have everything to start with, it can be pretty overwhelming.  Everything from logistics, scheduling, staff and parking can be a hassle. Not to mention scouring the entire city and beyond for all the […]

Take Your Party To The Next Level With Concession Rentals

Cotton Candy Machine Rental in NYC Event

Bring the fun of the cinema or carnival to your very own home by renting concessions for your next party. You may not know it, but you can hire professional grade popcorn machines, cotton candy machines, ice cream dispensers and even more. Hiring concessions is super exciting, and brings nostalgic excitement your event. Read on […]

Rent Tables For Your Party Like A Master: The “Low-Down”

Table Rental At NYC Event

When it comes to event rentals, whether tables, chairs,  or linens – there is no time like the present. Keeping in mind that the stretch between when you reserve your tables to the day of the actual event is ordinarily about 4 to 6 months. Booking your rentals early enough allows you the opportunity to […]

Throwing A Party Using Tent Rentals In The Big Apple

Free Standing Heated Tent Rental

There is no place more beautiful than New York to hold your events. But how can we not mention Brooklyn when NY is mentioned. You’ll find out that Brooklyn is a place that keeps up with trends. As such, the time when people rented halls and similar places for events is also on its way […]

Weddings 102: Party Planner? Hall? Party Rentals? Get Answers

Thirty-three thousand and nine hundred and ninety-one. This is the average cost of a wedding in the United States. A big part of that cost of the wedding is the planner who could range from anything to fifteen-hundred to ten-thousand dollars. Is it worth it? Or is planning the wedding yourself the better strategy? How […]