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Wow! Let’s say you finally popped the question, and your spouse said yes. How thrilling that moment can be! Now, the tiny bits of worries are creeping in when you begin to imagine what it takes to throw a huge wedding party successfully. Then you ask yourself, ‘can I afford my dream wedding?’Of course, yes, you can afford that! It’s even much facile than you’d imagined.

Well, perhaps you’re planning a big party or get together, and as expected, you’d like to make sure that the celebration sets a new bar for every other party to come to town. You also love to get the right party equipment, have that fantastic party while taking some options that can save you some good dollar bills. Since buying party equipment can be more expensive and excruciating, renting comes as the best alternative.

By choosing a rental company like Partybuster, you can get any of your preferred top items that form paraphernalia for a successful wedding, get together, or any party. Below are some of the top rental equipment that always comes handy for parties, all across New York.


When hosting outdoor parties, selecting the right rental equipment will go a long way in creating a fun atmosphere for guests. Aside from the fun that comes with tent rentals, there are many things you stand to gain from renting a tent. The romantic and blissful ambiance it creates can never be easily duplicated. They offer protection from sun, rain, and any unfavorable weather. Tenting also gives lots of décor options like lighting and speakers. If you’re planning an outdoor party, never underestimate the impact of tenting!


With every party comes that beautiful assortment of delicacies that creates a drooling effect. As foods will be served or even casual appetizers, your guests will most definitely need somewhere to place their meals. Usually, toasts are made in every party, and drinks are also served. The guests will need somewhere to put their glass of drink as they get to socialize. Table rentals are one of the essential party rental equipment that can never be set aside.

Tables also come in various shapes and designs. A brief chat with your local party rental company will help narrow down your choices. Factors like the planned party space and arrangement can also influence your table shape or design.


A party without chairs? That should make it to the world’s wonder! In every party, the guests need a place to sit, and if for anything else, eat. Chair rentals always come handy in such circumstances. Party rental chairs are available in different styles and build. You can opt for Chiavari chair rentals, aluminum chair rentals, or wood resin chairs. Also, the chairs come with diverse colors ranging from white to gold, black, silver, black, and many other colors.

Always speak with your rental company to assists you pick the right color and style. When hosting a party, never stick to a limited number of chairs, make your budget more flexible. Rent more chairs.


With table comes the need for linen. You don’t have to leave your tables bare, spice it up with linen rentals. Linen rentals are available in various fabrics, colors, and designs. Getting linen will help create a unique style for your party. Table linens are much affordable to rent. You can add one to your budget without your pocket feeling anything.

Chair Covers

Just as you have table linens, you can also go for chair covers to pep up the whole décor of your party venue. If you’ve attended a party where chair covers were applied, you can readily agree that they offer another level of appeal. Aside from adding more aesthetics, chair covers can be used to distinguish the guests. You can add covers with the name tag of your guests. This will even make them feel more welcomed at your party.

Dishes, cutlery, and glassware

Every party comes with an item of food and entertainment. When the moment for eating or drinking comes, you’ll most prefer to have more than enough flatware for everyone. No one will appreciate a party, where waiting for the next guest to finish making use of the plate before been served is the norm. Renting dinnerware, wine glasses, and flatware from a reliable party rental company is a necessity you can’t afford to neglect.

Many people believe that renting items like china and glassware is way too expensive. In place of that, they’d prefer to go for plastic silverware. The truth is, although the plastic cutlery could be a lot cheaper, you don’t need to use such if you’re planning for a sensational party. You can leverage more by renting these items from Partybuster.

Sound System

The sound aspect of any party is one of the significant deciding factors that make an event tremendous or makes it a big joke. There’s nothing as embarrassing as having bad audio and hiatus when you host a great party. Excellent sound and visuals leave a great impression on your guests.

When throwing a big event, a good understanding of what is expected from the sound department is important. At best, consult with a party equipment rental company and formulate a firm plan for sound systems.


Perfect lighting rental can create that fantastic ambiance you’d imagined. Lighting not only provides illumination but also turns on the mood of the occasion. It can change a party venue from dark and dreary to upbeat and animated. An excellent mood for celebration!In party venues, the scattered tiny twinkling LED lights can have a dramatic effect.

The lighting requirement varies with occasions. The perfect lighting for a wedding can never be the same as that for other events. The best way to procure the right kind of lighting for different types of functions is when you communicate with your local lighting equipment rental company. These companies also offer different types of lights and light control equipment.Renting LED lights from your lighting rental company is more prudent for many reasons.

Heating And Cooling

Heating and cooling systems also come in high demand for renters. There’s no other better way of crafting a tolerable atmosphere for your guests than by utilizing the services that heating and cooling rentals afford. Aside from the fact that heating and cooling rental is paramount for the air quality of the party, it also places the host in the good light of the guests, who will appreciate the host’s effort to go all out to ensure that his guests are comfortable.

Staging And Flooring

Its dancing time! Yeah, you need a perfect dance floor to bring out that fun that comes with dancing in every party. There’s a lot that renting a stage pose to offer. For weddings, the stage floor is the center for the new couples. And for outdoor parties, it does much better to use floor rentals instead of allowing your guests to trample on raw ground or grass. You can also add the floor rental and see your party venue transform the entire scenery.

Backdrop and Draping Rentals

Every party comes with its ton of picture taking and paparazzi jostling. To make the whole process more fun and create a spellbound collection of pictures, you might just consider renting a beautiful backdrop. The draping rentals add a unique flavor to the event. This will leave the impression of an orderly managed and well-planned event. Also, every picture taken with this beautiful backdrop will be gorgeous, to say the least.

Generators And Power

Every party is always special to the host. And as a host, you want to ensure that everything works out perfectly fine. Having sufficient power to run all electrical appliances in the party is of great importance. Generator rental is needed for everything from the lights to the sound systems. However, knowing how much power will be necessary for your event could be way beyond your comprehension. Consulting with a technician, or at best, your power set rental company can make all the difference.

However, aside from the above mentioned, you can get any of the following items at a lower price from your local party rental company. These items include podium, stanchions, carpet, concession Food machines, ice-box bins, trays, wine cooler,grill machine, specialty items, and cooking equipment.

Tips For Choosing The Best Party Rental Company

  • If you plan on having a unique party, then go for a company with a wide choice of party rentals.
  • Select your inventory and confirm if they have it all. It’s better to rent all from the same company.
  • Check for price, quality, and experience. You can get these from reviews from their previous clients.

To make your party a success, rent from the company that best matches your needs and offers everything in the best pocket-friendly price. To get the best in Rentals for Your Brooklyn & NYC Parties, contact us today at Partybuster, Brooklyn (718) 789-9200

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