Chair Rentals for Parties, everything you need to know

Chair Rentals for Parties

You’re throwing a party, and there are a lot of details to consider. Whether it’s a birthday, graduation, anniversary, welcome home party or an entire wedding and reception, one thing that is easy to overlook is the amount of chairs you will need to accommodate each of the guests. Be prepared and learn everything you need to know about chair rentals for parties with these helpful tips.

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Rent Ahead of Time and Know How Many Guests

Renting chairs from a party rental supply company requires a little bit of planning, especially if your party is being held during a busy season, on the weekend, or during a public holiday and especially if it is a wedding. Renting chairs for a wedding should be done about six months prior.

Before you begin to reserve the chairs, you will need to have an idea of how many guests will be arriving. This means you will need to have already sent out invitations and allowed enough time for a response. When you rent the chairs, give some wiggle room to make sure unexpected guests are accounted for by renting possibly five or ten percent more chairs than what you think you will actually need.


A lot of your decisions about chair rentals will come down to price. Have in mind an overall budget, and try to stay within this cost frame for every detail of party planning, including the chair rental fee. Typically, expect to pay a deposit of as much as fifty percent of the total rental cost. In addition, there will be a delivery and setup fee. Expect to pay between $1 to $10 per chair depending on the style. Accessories, such as covers, ribbons, or sashes, are going to be slightly more. When you are done and returning the chairs, there is usually a fee for broken or damaged chairs. Make sure you understand the company’s individual policy completely before signing the contract.

Type, Style and Size of Chairs

Sure, you can pick up a bunch of metal folding chairs and be done with decision making, but there are different types of chairs available nowadays so why not choose a type that fits your party needs. Think about the location first. Will your party be an outside event, or indoors? Is it a casual gathering or formal? This will make a difference as to what type of chairs would be appropriate. The right chair can dress up even a school gymnasium setting.

Choose from plastic, wood, resin, metal, or other materials. You will also need to select the style whether you decide on simple, standard, exclusive, unique, stools, racks or folding chairs. The size of the chair is important as well since they will need to fit with the tables you use as well as within the venue space.

Dress up the Chairs

Just as you will dress for the occasion, help your chairs look the part as well. It’s always fun to walk into a room that has been decorated and elegantly prepared for the guests arrival. Seeing chairs that look beautiful, comfortable, and inviting adds to this overall welcome feeling. Some styles of chairs allow you to decorate them to look more elegant or fitting with the theme of the party. You can choose cloth overlays or bows and colorful ribbons to be tied, or sashes draped on certain types of chairs. Make sure everything complements your overall theme and other decorations and table décor. This additional accessory will add to the overall cost of the chair rental, but also adds a visual appeal that is priceless. If you want to cut back on cost in this regard, consider dressing up only the guests of honor chairs.

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