Choosing The Best Lighting For Your Tent Rental Event

Whether it’s a wedding, graduation party or birthday, tent rentals are a delightful way to host an outdoor event. Tents are the perfect way to host an outdoor affair, regardless of weather conditions.  You’ve secured the guest list, catering and flowers but now you have to decide which lighting options to use. Look no further; this guide will tell you everything you need to know.

Daytime Event? Make Use of Natural Light

         If you are hosting an event in the daytime, consider taking advantage of the daylight as your main source of lighting. Natural light is best for photographs, does not require any extra resources and is provided to you at no cost. If your tent is placed in a shady area, chandeliers are a great way to supplement the natural light without dominating it. 

On a Budget? Consider Using String Lights 

         String lights are small LED bulbs suspended by a string that can be hung throughout the tent’s walls and ceilings to create a romantic and tranquil ambience for your event. This lighting option is budget friendly and the bulbs are long lasting. If you choose to purchase the string lights yourself, their durability will keep them working for many more events to come.

Want to Embellish Your Tent Lighting? Rent a Chandelier

         Tent chandeliers are an excellent way to adorn your tent with a fancy atmosphere. Your tent rental provider may have chandeliers as well and sometimes they can be decorated with flowers or ornaments to add some extra charm.

Intimate Event? Use Centerpieces for Supplemental Lighting

         Candles or small table lanterns can be the perfect way to create a cozy setting for your tented event. While they will likely not provide sufficient lighting for the entire tent (especially if there is a dance floor, bar or buffet area) lighted centerpieces are a beautiful way to add warmth to your smaller event.

Choosing the proper lighting for your outdoor tent is an important decision. If you want more ideas or have questions about tent lighting, give us a call or visit today at 1070 Linwood St, Brooklyn, NY 11208 718-789-9200


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