Common Tent Rental Problems and How to Avoid Them

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Whenever somebody is in charge of planning a big corporate event, a fundraiser, a wedding, or a big party, one of the first things they look for is a party tent to rent out. These are essential and can make or break the whole party. There are lots to choose from so knowing what to look out for will make it much easier to start.

when we talk about the problem and things to avoid them we must keep the points that make rentals products successful.

There are lots of ways for a party rentals tent to ruin a party. A lot of the scariest stories are set in outdoor parties and involve a party rental company that did not take note of the location of power lines in the area. You can already imagine what kind of accidents can happen in scenarios like that. When looking out for a party rentals company, make sure you find one that is insured and has a proven track record for safety and successful events.

With that out of the way, here are the most common party tent problems:

  • Power lines

There have been a few reports of workers from even rental companies setting up their equipment and suddenly a metal tent-pole strikes some power line causing injuries and even death through electrocution. This is obviously a worst-case-scenario that can easily be avoided. Try and stick with party professionals with a good track record.

  • Poorly installed equipment

This one is more common and almost all of us have had a friend that has been to a party like this. Picture a wedding reception held in the mid-afternoon outdoors with a picturesque landscape. The wedding planner worked hard decorating the site and the tent for 3 days and it rains on the night before the wedding.

The party rentals company had staked the tent in the grass but the tent had drooped in some parts thus causing pockets of water to form on the roof. The pressure and weight building up overnight cause several stakes to be yanked out ruining the whole venue and forcing everybody to find an impromptu location ruining what should be a beautiful day.

  • Strong winds

A party rentals company must have strong equipment and have dedicated workers to set everything up properly so that strong winds wouldn’t be enough to knock down the tent. But did they properly scout the area around the tent so that trees or other debris wouldn’t fly into the tent and damage it? If you are renting a tent make sure to look out for this one.

When it comes to ensuring your party’s success, a good rule to follow is to always put safety first. Here are some questions you can ask your party rentals company to ensure a smooth accident-free party:

  • Is the tent fire resistant?

  • How old is the tent?

  • Will the tents be held down by stakes or ballasts?

  • Can you show me a copy of the certificate of insurance?

  • Are the tents inspected after they are set up?

  • Do you properly scout out the location for any power lines, septic lines, cables, etc. before setting up your tent?

The safety of all your guests should be guaranteed. Bad weather should not be enough to cause harm to anybody at your party. Make sure you find a reliable party rental company with a good track record to plan and cater your party.

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