Corporate Party Rentals: Tips For Successful Business Events

Corporate Party Rental Table

Maybe your boss has asked you to plan your company’s upcoming corporate party, something you’ve never done before. Or, perhaps you are part of a committee who are handling the staging of a corporate event. And because you’d love to stage an exciting event that would forever remain memorable, you’re already feeling the heat!

But you’ve got no reason to feel overwhelmed. Planning a corporate event isn’t similar to running a wedding, Mitzvah party or birthday party. Whether it’s a day’s conference, a week-long seminar or just an appreciation night, its success will depend on how you execute each detail individually. 

Along with successful business you have to know what things to avoid before buying rental products.

When planning such an event, everything is time-sensitive, and the work involved demands your absolute dedication. And so, you’ll have to ensure that everything required is in place, which should be a non-issue given that you will rent everything.


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But before you feel overwhelmed these are the DIY tips to help stage a memorable corporate event:

  1. Decide the type, theme and style of the corporate party based on the audience

This is very important and must come before you do anything else. Your clear definition of the audience will make everything else (style, content, theme, location, budget, etc.) fall into place. Corporate events aren’t similar, so take your time to determine if the audience will find what you have in mind suitable.

  1. Next up, come up with a list of all relevant details – the must-haves

This should include the seats, lighting and sound system, refreshments, the parking area, the restrooms, and so forth. Everything counts and all are important, so don’t overlook anything.

  1. Budget wisely

Determine how much money your company is going to allocate you for the event. The best way to budget is to write every expense down, along with how much it’s going to cost. A sizeable portion will, of course, go towards catering while the others will cater for such aspects as decoration, renting the venue, seats and other items.

  1. On the size of the event, location, dates and other details, be flexible

Things do change abruptly, and you might get off-guard, especially if you hadn’t planned for them. So, consider having a second alternative to everything, from your preferred location, event’s date, its size, audio-visual equipment, seats and tables and just about everything. But don’t lose sight of the main features of your event like the purpose, theme, etc.

  1. Hunt for the right event management company

Well, this can make-or-break your corporate event. So, it’s better to look for someone who has the right experience and resonates with what you envision. A good thing with events management companies is those resources they do have. They often know the right way of running one too and will save you lots of hassles.

  1. Finally, send invites

With corporate parties, guest lists often are predetermined. So, your job will be to identify the keynote speakers, create the topic of the event and when it’s slated to start. When it comes to sending out invites, be sure to do it reasonably ahead of time and using the most suitable mode of invitation.

Bonus tip: have a Contingency Plan

In case things go south, your backup plan will come in handy. Maybe the sound system will malfunction, or the refreshments aren’t adequate. So, try to have a send alternative to critical factors.

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