Covid-19 Sky Rockets Demand For Party Rentals in Brooklyn

coronavirus pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected the way of life of the whole human race, with over a billion people been faced with the lockdown, this health crises have much hit several sectors of human endeavor. Covid-19 has hard hit Brooklyn, NY, like every other region of the US. With the government imposing limits on gatherings and businesses move to limit liability, many events have subsequently been called off. Those large scale events at party halls are not possible. Even at that, there’s still much hope for the Brooklyn party rental business amidst these crises.

The Bad News

Right from the very day that the nationwide lockdown was declared, it became more crystal clear that things are never going to be the same again. With the professional sports been forced to halt, concerts canceled, and national emergency declared, it became so sure that this COVID-19 will significantly hit the rental industry. Regardless of how ugly it may seem, a few others are cashing out big on this, while a proportion of sectors and individuals is affected by this present pandemic. It’s different strokes for different folks’ situation.

Before I delve a little deeper, I will like to extend my heartfelt empathy to all New Yorkers, and indeed, everyone who has long before now mapped out special events that now will not see the light of the day or have been postponed because of this health crises. The joy of celebration is eternally unspeakable. Having no choice than to shift them to a later date is never a bargain to be fascinated about.

The fears of coronavirus upending travel around the globe have put the rental industry in a tight fix. Call it a catch-22 situation if you please. The breakdown in the supply chain from manufacturing powerhouses has been some necessary rental items like chairs, tables, and other essentials that come from have all shut-down, leading to an impending issue of scarcity of rental materials.

Besides, the uncertainty surrounding this global health challenge has led to an unprecedented degree of cancellations and postponements of events and colossal modifications to rental orders across the rental industry in the same order. Some rental companies are also forced to drop some of their most esteemed staffs, just to make it through this trying period.

The Good News

In every dark tunnel, there’s always light even before the end. Although professional sports, concerts, and other big events have been canceled, people are now renting part supplies and making small weddings, baby showers, Bar Mitzvahs…at their homes! A piece of great news, I must tell you. In Brooklyn alone, there has been an upsurge in demand for these small party rental essentials. This, in no way, implies that people are breaking the CDC guideline. Far from it, the “social distancing” code is still largely upheld with other directives followed as well. The thing is, the joy that comes with every celebration is so contagious than the dreaded virus itself!

Above all, Stay safe!

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