Hottest Party Rental Trends For 2022-2023

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Keeping an eye on events allows us to accurately predict what’s new and noteworthy in the world of weddings, kids’ birthdays and milestone birthday parties, corporate events, and more. Last year we saw a trend towards paperless menus, over-the-top floral installations at intimate events, and 80s and 90s party theming.

As we begin to really gather again, you’re in the right place to discover how to wow your guests at your 2022 celebrations.  Below you will find the hottest party rental trends for 2022.

Cloudy With A Chance Of Baby’s Breath

Baby’s breath has made the top trending list before. They were the hottest party item back in 2020. Now the tiny ethereal blooms have moved overhead, and in rich color. Wispy baby’s breath has extended its fifteen minutes by being versatile. Savvy party hosts are opting for floating florals in ethereal hues.

Tablescapes As Floral Vessels

Centerpieces set the mood and tone of your reception, heightening the beauty of each individual table. While designers have long thought of the tablescape as a blank canvas, now they are beginning to treat reception tables as an empty garden bed, full of infinite floral potential.

So forget the floral vase, and let your table wow with an illusion of lavish blooms growing straight from its center.

Single Flower Variety Conjures Mono-Floral Magic

We’ve all heard of monochromatic, meaning “one color” — and we do adore a bold celebration that builds its entire décor scheme around a single hue. However, we’re now seeing adherence to a single type of flower as well. We’re calling this trend “mono-floral” as we worship at the altar of its beauty. Visualize an aisle flanked with the same flower type (in the same color) over and over again, building to a dramatic blooming arch. Envision a tabletop adorned with a repeating flower in interesting shapes as far as the eye can see, conjuring a single, magnificent vision.

Not-So-Boring High Tops

High tops are the Achilles heel of any celebration. Truth be told, it’s not easy to make a high top look good. We’ve seen plenty of wow-worthy celebrations over the years; and even some of the most memorable ones featured mundane cocktail tables or cake stands.

After years of neglect, high tops are finally coming into their own. Expect to see this oft-overlooked rental become instant Instagram fodder in the year to come.

Glassware Has Gone Green

Blue glass was the hottest glassware rental trend in the first half of 2020. Everyone was sharing image after image of azure glassware adorning tables at birthday parties, dinners, and weddings. But then, glass colors started shifting — pink then amber, right through the ROYGBIV spectrum, stopping on green.

Green is the color of new beginnings, so it makes sense that we’re seeing more and more of the shade as we head into the new year. From emerald and sage to mint and pistachio, green glass is wowing us right now.

Fringe Is In (Again)

The 20s and the 60s were eras that knew how to have fashionable fun with fringe, attaching it to everything from dresses perfect for dancing to long suede vests — also perfect for dancing. What we’re trying to say is that fringe is festive. It only makes sense that it has made its way onto the tabletops of the swankiest of affairs.

We’re seeing fringe take shape around charger plates and as decorative tassels and we love the texture and fun vibe it conjures. We love it so much that we’ve begun using it as a verb (sorry Miriam Webster). Does your tabletop need a little pizazz? A little joie de vivre? Fringe it.


Matte Balloons (You Don’t Need Shine To Pop)

It turns out, a dull finish is anything but dull. In a world where the bigger the diamond ring, the bigger the oohs and ahhs; there’s something startling about matte. Like a black hole, absorbing all light, matte makes a statement — and we’re here to take note.

Matte balloons create instant photo ops at any private event. Not only do we expect this unique décor item to transform kids’ birthday parties in 2022, we know it will win over adults, as well. Whether you’re hosting a small corporate dinner party or celebrating a graduation, it’s time to rethink the concept of shine.

Free-Form Wedding Arches

Over the last couple years, COVID-19 has changed the way we operate, and even look. On work-day Zoom calls, many of us have let our hair down and swapped the blazer for loose-fitting clothing.

Wedding designers are taking note and rethinking the traditional wedding. Straight lines are being replaced by curves and monolith shapes by fractal elements. From a waterfall of blooms to asymmetrical cascades, arches are — shall we say it? — losing their arches.

Red & Pink Combine For Fashion-Forward Fetés

If Valentine’s Day has taught us anything, it’s that pink and red are the colorful embodiment of love. So it’s kind of surprising that it took this long for the combination to hop from the February holiday to decking out all of our most-meaningful days.

We’re seeing these dual hues elevate weddings, birthdays, dinner parties, and more. In fact, while ombré installations have been popular for a while, an ombré in a chic, yet narrow, palette is a newer trend — and we are feeling the love.

Reimagined Candlelit Dinners

Is it possible to have a romantic dinner without candlelight? Candlelight sets the mood, whether it’s a romantic dinner for two on the Champs-Élysées or a large-scale wedding reception. There’s just one minor problem. The more candles, the more crowded the tablescape.

By shifting candlelight to the floor and parameters of the room, the romantic ambiance is as strong as ever — just with a little more elbow room.


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