Party Rentals 103: Picking The Correct Tables & Linens For Your Space

white rented linen on set table

The big day has come,  we have spent time and money planning and executing the perfect party. We have food, music, rented all of the equipment and furniture.  As we relax in the chairs and sit at the table we look around and see that most of the space is consumed by tables. The tables are easily the first thing that guests notice when they attend a party. The tables, and of course its linens. This is why choosing the perfect rental table and linen set is so essential for the style and comfort of the party. But, how do we choose the perfect table and linen set?


What type of table to rent?

Tables come in primarily 3 main shapes; square, rectangle, and circle. There are distinct benefits of each type of table depending on the shape of the party’s location and how many guests will be attending. For example, a square table can quickly lose its functionality if it is too large, this is why most square tables have just a few people per side. Since all sides are equal, the distance between guests sitting across from one another will be too far for larger square tables. A similar rule applies to round tables but they can usually hold more guests. 

It is important to consider how the set up of the tables will be in the room and factor in enough space for both the guest and their chairs. Also walking space between each table and the tables and the walls.  Additionally, it is essential not to attempt to squeeze too many guests side by side, so they have no room for their arms when they are eating. 

A safe rule of thumb is to allow about 24 inches for each guest at the table and roughly 48 inches between tables (including the chair space). Depending on the shape of the table and the layout this number can increase or decrease slightly.


Finding the perfect linens

Now that we have chosen our tables its time to top it off, literally, with the perfect linen set. Choosing the correct color scheme and design is important. Knowing which colors compliment and contrast one another is a subtle science. But also has a fair bit of subjectivity to it. The materials of linens vary with the price range, but choosing a fabric that is soft and that minimizes wrinkles is ideal.

Once you know which type of linen to rent, choosing the correct size is the next step. Other than the shape of the table the other variable is the size which is based on the amount of drop we desire (how far the tablecloth hangs over the side of the table). There are two types of drop for formal style parties: lap (12 inches) and floor (24 inches)

To determine the correct size tablecloth you simply follow these formulas: 

Width + drop + drop  *where drop equals either 12in or 24in.

Length + drop + drop


And for circle tables you do: 

diameter + drop + drop

Following this guide, half of the work of choosing rentals for the big event will be made easier. Tables and their linens, when properly planned and laid out, will be sure to bring together the guest and the party as a whole.


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