Rent Tables For Your Party Like A Master: The “Low-Down”

Table Rental At NYC Event

When it comes to event rentals, whether tables, chairs,  or linens – there is no time like the present. Keeping in mind that the stretch between when you reserve your tables to the day of the actual event is ordinarily about 4 to 6 months. Booking your rentals early enough allows you the opportunity to make any necessary adjustments, such as the number of guests attending.  Don’t forget, you may as well take care of the chairs and linens while deciding on the tables – a trilogy of fundamental components contributing to the overall vision of your event. Read on for a few things to consider when choosing your table rentals.

Amount of Tables

Once you have decided the on the number of guests attending your event, determining the number of tables you are going to need to rent is easy.

Table Size Number of People
5 Foot Round Table 8-10
6 Foot Round Table 10-12
6 Foot Banquet Table 6-8
8 Foot Banquet Table 8-10
Farm Table 6-10


The above table is a guideline, so before booking, it doesn’t hurt to check with your rental company. It’s important to consider the sometimes problematic aspect to table rentals – the tables you end up needing but didn’t think of, like a cake table.  You will need to rent a different table to display your cake for the duration of your event. Other often neglected extra tables you might want to consider are; gift, escort cards, wedding favors, catering staff wait stations and satellite bars.

Type of Tables

The main question when considering the type of table you want for your event is whether you want to go with a rectangular table or a round one.  The most common type of table used is round, as it tends to allow for an easier to manage layout permitting guests to visit amongst each other and talk effortlessly.  Generally, round-tables come in standard sizes of 5- and 6-foot rounds – though, if kids are attending your event consider asking about 4-foot tables to make it a little more child-friendly.

Banquet tables are another type frequently used, coming in 6- and 8-foot standard lengths. They can be spread out across the venue or lined up together to create one or several long tables.

A cute trendy option currently making the rounds is the farm table. It provides a beautiful simple rustic look that makes your event particularly memorable. Another lovely option for a wedding is the sweetheart table – where the bride and groom sit with each other during the reception. This can even be carried over to birthday parties, anniversaries or even graduation parties – giving the guest of honor special attention throughout the event.


Despite the fact that rental companies take every precaution to ensure the quality of their tables is maintained, being moved around a lot imparts its fair share of wear and tear. For this reason alone, linens are essential when renting tables.  Don’t be taken aback if you notice a few scratches and dings on the tables, unless it’s a farm table, the expectation is that you will be covering it during your event.

The most popular linens are white – they’re easy to use with centerpieces, table runners, or napkins, accentuating with any color your heart desires. Choosing an unconventional color for your linens, however, is a lively way of adding to the festivities. Just in case there are any accidents, and food or drink gets spilled, it’s a good idea to consider renting a few extra pieces.

Cocktail & Other Tables

Renting a cocktail table is an excellent option if the event doesn’t include a seated meal.  Guests will have somewhere to put down their appetizers or drinks while allowing for decent standing space.  There is no precise way to determine the number of cocktail tables your event will need to rent, so consider asking yourself the following questions when making your decision:

  • Will there be other tables at the event?
  • How many guests are attending?
  • How long is the event running?
  • What is the venue size and how much space is available?

Renting one cocktail table for every 10 attendees is a good place to start your calculations, as you can always adjust the numbers according to the specifics of your event. As mentioned above for regular round and banquet tables, linens should also be considered for cocktail tables. Cocktail tables have two linen options – regular and spandex tablecloths.  With a regular tablecloth, you have the opportunity to play with the aesthetics, either letting them simply hang or tying them back with a ribbon or rope for a more rustic look.

You might want to consider renting coffee and end tables for your event, especially if you want it to feel a little homier and familiar. Being that it’s not so common to have linens on coffee and end tables, it’s important to remember coasters if guests will be drinking.  This will keep any potential damages to a minimum, and you avoid having to pay any fees.

Renting the right amount of tables, the right type of tables, along with the right linens and any creative additions only adds to the overall ease and beauty of your event.

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