Renting A Hall Versus A Backyard Party (With Tent Rental)

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Planning a wedding can almost be as much of an experience as the wedding day itself. There is seemingly an endless number of details that must be prepared and prepared again. For many couple the location of the wedding is one of the most important decisions but also one of the most difficult. Trying to find the balance between beauty and cost is challenging as many weddings can be very expensive. However, one great alternative is a backyard tent wedding. But, each has its own unique benefits and disadvantages.

Wedding Hall

Wedding halls are undoubtedly an amazing experience. They provide an opportunity to try something new and get out of our own residence. Clean up is almost nonexistent and elaborate interior decorations are to be expected. There are plenty of potential halls in most locations, so finding an appropriate fit for a small 50-person wedding or massive 500-person wedding is well within the realm of possibilities. Most wedding halls work with partners so they can often assist in further necessities like catering, flowers, etc. But, the biggest restriction with wedding halls is the price. They do not come cheap, as wedding halls can easily cost $10,000.

Backyard wedding

An increasingly popular alternative to wedding halls is having a backyard wedding. There are a few reasons why this options is gaining traction and this is due to its practicality. Our home is our comfort zone, and an appropriate place for a wedding. We can experience the special day with our loved ones in an appropriate setting for families. Creating the atmosphere for the wedding in our own yard can be done by renting a tent, with many options available. There are various colors, shapes and sizes to suit all needs. It is even possible to get see through tents, or with stylized windows on the sides. This can be done at a fraction of the cost. Depending on the size and design it can be just a few thousand dollars or less.

Furthermore, tent rental services also have the benefit of additional in-house rentals or partner companies they work with, so you can have tables, lighting and even dance-floors. The entire wedding can literally be brought to you. If you are concerned about set up or cleanup this is unnecessary because many services offer staff to prepare and remove the products at completion.

A further benefit of the tent rental is protection from the elements. A hot humid day, or cold rainy day can alter the dynamics of a weddings enjoyment very quickly. Renting a tent means we have greater control over our special day, while enhancing the beauty as in the same time.

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