Tents And Its Type: Which Is The Best For You?

Whether it’s for your birthday, wedding reception, backyard party, or commercial use, as long as you are going outdoors, tents are the ideal way to rev up the fun. Primarily, tents provide an effective shelter from the sun and a reliable covering against the rain, but there’s way more to what tents have to offer.

While a tent can help you set up a specific structure for your event, it also plays a vital role in setting the ambiance for your big day as it could determine seating arrangements, decorations, lighting, etc. So it’s essential that you make apt choices when buying or renting a tent.

When choosing a tent, you’ll quickly discover tons of tent types and styles to select from. Don’t feel overwhelmed. We’ve curated this article about tent types to help you narrow your choices down to the exact tent that is the best fit for your event. Here are seven different tents available for your event;

Pole Tents

Pole tents are precisely what their name suggests. They are elegant pointed-top tents supported by poles and guy-wires which are driven into the ground. Depending on their size, these tents are held up by several side poles and have at least one or more center poles. Aesthetically speaking, pole tents are a popular sensation in the wedding industry owing to their peaked top, stylish swooping curves, and striking looks. The center poles of a pole tent allow for creative decorations and can be adorned with lights, fans, or flowers. But unlike many other tents on this list, pole tents must be staked to the ground, so you need to consider the floor of your proposed venue before opting for a pole tent. Pole tents are usually installed in grassy areas where you can easily drill the ground. It’s almost impossible to find pole tents in venues with concrete floors, and this makes them less versatile.

Frame Tents

Frame tents refer to a variety of tents that utilize multiple metal frames to support the tent structure. Unlike pole tents, frame tents usually sport a boxy roof design as there are no center poles to bolster the tent. Frame tents are suitable for virtually all kinds of events, making them one of the most common types of tents you can find today. One cool feature of frame tents is that they can be erected anywhere from grass to concrete floors because you don’t need to stake them into the ground. Due to the absence of center poles, frame tents provide a highly customizable unobstructed space so that you can install mobile dance floors, extra tables, etc. You can also decide to cover the tent’s exposed framework with stunning tent liners or attach lightweight decorations, lights, and fans. Frame tents are much more suited for long-term events and can be enhanced with sidewalls.

Clear Top Tents

A Clear Top tent is a type of frame tent with unique styling and a transparent vinyl top. These tents allow natural light in during the day to give you that exceptional outdoorsy atmosphere. Still, the party gets better at night as this tent provides your guests with a clear breathtaking view of the stars in the sky. Clear top tents are usually heavy-duty tents that withstand relatively higher temperatures and other unfavorable conditions than regular frame tents. Like other frame-based tents, clear top tents don’t have center poles and are suitable for long-term installations. They can be outfitted with transparent sidewalls, lighting, and all other forms of decoration. Asides from their head-turning good looks, clear top tents are highly versatile and an excellent choice for more prominent events because they offer the ultimate outdoor experience.

Structure Tents

Structure tents are stronger, more durable, heavy-duty frame-based tents built to exceed the limits of every other frame or pole tent. Structure tents boast higher heights, wider openings, and advanced ceilings with stronger frameworks that can support heavy decorations, lighting, audio and video equipment, etc. Structure tents come in various styles and designs; they are also available as clear top tents. Structure tents can be used for any event, but they are most suited for concerts, car shows, construction sites, and other long-term purposes.  They have higher wind ratings but should be evacuated in extreme weather conditions just like other tents.

Sailcloth Tents

Sailcloth tents are unique pole tents that use translucent sailcloth fabrics and wooden poles to replace the conventional vinyl material and aluminum poles used for making tents. Sailcloth tents are gradually becoming a popular choice in the wedding industry mainly because of their distinctive eye-catching appearance. Owning to its translucency, sailcloth tents allow natural light to brighten up their interior during the day, while the artificial light from the tent glows at night, creating a sight to behold. However, like every pole tent, you cannot erect sailcloth tents on concrete or other hard surfaces as they must be staked to the ground. If you need something exceptional for your event, combining the beauty of pole tents and the translucency of sailcloth fabrics will do the job.

Marquee Tents

The marquee tent is what you get when a pole tent mates with a frame tent. It is a hybrid that pairs the elegance of a pole tent’s peaked top with the versatility of a frame tent to give you the best of two popular tents in one package. Marquees don’t have center poles, and they can be mounted in any terrain, making them highly versatile. Marquee tents are usually smaller in size and can be used in various small-scale events like backyard parties. They also serve as an entrance into larger tents and permanent structures or a shelter for existing walkways. Larger marquees are used for wedding receptions, food festivals, and fundraisers.

Tropical Style Tents

Tropical style tents are unique tents found mostly in beach weddings and picnics. They consist of light translucent fabric draped over a wooden framework and are available in different styles.

Tropical tents are famous for the unrivaled beauty they add to any event. Though they can be seen as a form of shade against sunlight, the main purpose of tropical tents is almost entirely aesthetics.

In conclusion, no matter what tent style you opt for, Party Busters has got you covered. We are a reliable party rental company that offers every single item you need to transform an empty space into a world-class party venue. We deliver an extensive suite of tent types, and if you’re still having a hard time choosing what tent is best for your event, there’s no need to fret. With over three decades of experience in the tent rental industry, we have all it takes to help you make a perfect choice. Party Busters guarantee quality items, fast shipping, and budget-friendly prices.

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