FAQ: NYC Chair Rental

How many chairs can I fit at each table:

The general rule is to allow about 24’’ per chair (this depends of course on the style of chair and shape of the table)


What material are your chairs?

We offer wooden, metal and plastic chairs (some with padding) in various styles and colors


What types of chairs do you offer?

We have many types of chairs including bench seating, individual, bar stools and highchairs for infants. Some chairs come in folding models.


How many chairs do I need for my party?

This is always a difficult and subjective question, as it depends on many factors, mainly the guests. Many times people RSVP and don’t show, and there are times where extra guests end up coming. The big question that should be asked, if in the worst-case scenario would you rather have some guests with no place to sit or some extra chairs with no one to sit in them? (Guest count plus 5%-10% is a safe number)


Does the venue determine which type of chair I should order?

It could, If the venue is outside, you might want to consider the weather. If it is inside you might want to see the colors of the venue, and match with tablecloths and centerpieces.


Do the chairs come with covers?

Covers for the chairs must be ordered separately, but of course, we have them available.


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