FAQ: NYC Table Rental 

How much space should I leave between tables?

For rectangle tables(without service isle)- 52’’ generally table to table (including 16’’ inches chair to chair

For rectangle tables (with service isle)- 66’’ table to table (including 30’’ chair to chair for service)

Square tables- if in diamond position, roughly 24’’ corner to the corner of the adjacent table

Round table- about 60’’ table to table (including 24’’ chair to chair)

*for comfort all tables should be at least 30’’ from the wall


How many guests can I fit at a  table?

-The rule of thumb is between 18’’-24’’ inches per guest (depending on the shape of the table)


What size tablecloth do I need?

Depending on if the even it formal or casual there are different standards:

Casual events allow for 6’’-8’’ overhang on the side of the tables

Formal events allow for 15’’  overhand on the sides of the tables (lap length)

For rectangle and square tables:

Table Length + overhang 1st side + overhang 2nd side

Table Width + overhang 1st side + overhang 2nd side

For example, if you have the 74’’x 24’’ at a formal event:

74 + 15 + 15= 104

24 + 15 +15= 54

Roughly 104’’x54’’ tablecloth should suffice

For round tables:

Diameter + overhang + overhang

For example: 48’’ table + 15’’ +15’’ = 72’’ tablecloth


What kind of tables do you offer?

We have small intimate tables that seat 2-4 adults

And extra-large tables that can hold up to 14 adults

We also have children tables of various size

Depend on the need for your event, room size, and personal taste we have different shapes that will be perfect.


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