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There are few things worse than hanging out at an outdoor reception and dealing with miserable outdoor weather conditions. Think about it – everyone is enjoying the beautiful day and, while you decide to party until the sun goes down, you and your guests are having a hard time moving. It’s cold and the sun seems to have taken the heat with it. Without any warm protection, such as a temperature controlled tent, your guests are either huddled in small groups or they decide to head on home.

Why not just prepare in advance to avoid this? Happy guests lead to happy receptions which lead to happy memories. Don’t settle for less. Make sure you find a great tent rental! Here are some tips to keep the temperature (and the climate) controlled at your outdoor reception.

Five (5) Reasons To Consider A Temperature Controlled Tent:

Temperature control can make or break your event. Please consider heating and cooling elements in order to ensure happy memories at your next event.  Guests who are too hot, or too cold can have a miserable time. However, guests who are comfortable are guests who are happy. Here are the most common reasons to rent a temperature controlled tent:

  1. Heat: the air is too hot
  2. Cold: the air is too cold
  3. Humidity: the air is too humid
  4. Rain
  5. Snow
  6. If the air is too hot

Heat can make you and your guests feel miserable. First you start sweating and slowly start fanning yourself with anything remotely capable of creating airflow. Before you know it, you start sweating through your clothes and the thought of moving makes you envious of a sloth. So, what do you do if you find yourself stuck in the middle of the sweltering heat?

Rent a tent:  Having a tent to seek shelter in will put a shield between you and the sun. It provides the ultimate shaded area for you and your guests.

Turn on the fans:  Just because you are outside doesn’t mean that you can’t make use of a fan. Many fans placed throughout the area can offer relief.

Place a block of ice in front of the fans so that the air they are blowing is cool.

Rent a temperature controlled tent with sidewalls and climate control. Yes – this is a possibility! The climate control can keep the inside of the tent at the desired temperature for your reception.

If the air is too cold

Cold is the other extreme that can make your reception uncomfortable – especially for those who get cold easily. The good news is there are ways around the chill that will save your guests from any suffering. Sure, they could come prepared with coats, sweaters, and jackets. Or, you could provide blankets. But, you cannot count on everyone else – you need to be prepared in case they aren’t.

Decide to throw your reception in a tent, rather than the great outdoors. Tents can have sidewalls that will protect from any wind, making the surroundings instantly a bit warmer.

Portable patio heaters can offer the warmth your shivering guests could be looking for. Place them throughout the area. These work perfectly as a means for heating because of their rings of warmth – the colder guests can congregate closer to the heater than those who are not interested in heating up.

Customizing your tent to include climate control can create a uniform temperature throughout the whole reception.

If the air is humid:

Humidity is an enemy of many. Not only does it make hair frizz, but it also makes skin sticky and is just plain uncomfortable. Unfortunately, some of the most favored outdoor wedding locations, especially those located by the beach, will come with a lot of humidity. So, if that is where your reception is – make sure to expect this unwanted guest.

Thankfully there are things that you can do to combat the effects of the humid air. Using a temperature controlled tent will be your first line of defense. Another idea is to utilize a dehumidifier that will draw out the moisture in the air – leaving it cooler and crisp.

If it begins to rain:  Temperature Controlled Tent | American Pavilion

Rain can soak any plans of an outdoor event – unless maybe a pool party. Rain can cause issues with electrical equipment, food displays, decorations, among other things. If it rains on the day of your reception, you may as well consider it ruined — or should you? No! See, you don’t know when it will rain, so it is always something you want to be prepared for. And, thankfully, there are ways to do so. For example:

Have a means of protection for your guests – and your reception setup. Even if you want to hold your special days under the sky, at least have an alternate setting, such as a tent rental or an indoor location.

If you choose to hold your reception outdoors in a tent, then you have the ultimate location. Tents are strong enough to ward off pounding rain and the strong winds that may accompany it.

Have a stack of umbrellas and/or ponchos for your guests – just in case. No one wants to be soggy or possibly ruin important items or clothing in the rain.

If it begins to snow

To have an event outdoors in the winter, you are going to need protection. Freezing weather can cause conditions such as snow, ice, sleet, etc. While snow can lead to a beautiful and pure backdrop for your reception, it may come at a chilly cost.

Keep your guests warm (and dry) by…

  • Providing them with soft blankets.
  • Serving hot coffee or cocoa.
  • Scattering portable patio heaters throughout the area.
  • Using a temperature controlled tent that will allow you to keep the entire area at a steady, warm temperature.

If the air is just right

If the air is just right, then you will be able to celebrate in peace. You will have no worries about freezing or sweating guests. You will be able to focus on your big day and have the most memorable reception possible. This is the day you have been planning for so why not make sure it goes off without a hitch?

Risking the weather could be a potentially disastrous decision. However, choosing to rent a temperature controlled tent can ensure that you will be able to enjoy your event without the worry of uncomfortable guests or hazardous weather.


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