Rental Equipment For Backyard Wedding

Wedding Held In Backyard

If you have a low budget for your wedding, a low key outdoor wedding can help you save money. A backyard wedding can be a refreshing and peculiar style to wed. Planning this type of wedding has many advantages. Although it involves lots of organizations, help, and support of a wedding consultant, the maid of honor, friends, or any family member.

When considering hosting a backyard wedding, it’s quite pertinent to factor in the number of guests and the type of wedding you’d love to can also got stage and dance floor on rent by using our services. The size and layout of the backyard will also have to be taken into consideration. It plays a huge role in deciding if you could have a sit-down dinner or cocktail reception. Also, you need to consider renting party equipment such as tents, chairs, tables, chinaware, and a whole lot more.

Advantages Of A Backyard Wedding

Saves Cost

Having your wedding in your backyard is a great way to save tons of money. Mostly, you can decide to use your backyard or friends’. By using tents, chairs, and table rentals, you can provide a cozy place for your guests. You need not worry about the high cost of renting a venue space. This also offers you an awesome opportunity to provide your guests with much fun and food.

Gives You Total Control

One of the remarkable benefits of having a backyard wedding is that it gives you absolute control of the venue. You need not stick to any annoying rules and regulations. You also have the full authority to organize, decorate, set up lightings, and do a whole lot of other things you like to spice up the venue.

Freedom To Select Date

In using a much conventional wedding venue, you always have a limited option or right to select the date. You have to select the day months and even year ahead. Setting up your wedding at your backyard leaves you and your spouse with the full right to select the date. You don’t need to settle for any date; rather, you pick the date that suits you most.

Enough Space

Irrespective of how long your guest list might be, the backyard venue for your wedding can always accommodate the entire guest. As most backyards are fairly bigger than the most traditional wedding venue, you can rely on this unlimited space. Also, you can set up little games both for the adults and the kids. The lawn games in backyard weddings in now in vogue. You might want to consider that for your wedding.

Factors To Consider Before Hosting Your Backyard Wedding


The space and layout of the backyard is the first and foremost factor to consider. Space is a function of the number of guests you’ll be expecting and other fun and games you plan to bring to the wedding.

Renting equipment

There are lots of equipment that you will probably need to rent. You might need to rent tents. You certainly need to rent chairs, a buffet table, lights, linen, a sound system, and a generator to provide extra electricity.

Food and drinks

Handling the food and drinks yourself may be the most cost-saving solution. However, you don’t necessarily need to be the one to handle such. Your family members can help with cooking, while younger guests can help serve drinks.


Always plan with the weather. If the weather doesn’t cooperate with your vision, always have a backup plan like an alternative for tents or indoor location.


It might be just wise to check with the local government about noise ordinances and with the police department for parking. It would be great to inform your neighbors and invite them over for a drink during the reception.

Equipment needed for backyard weddings

  • Party tents

Tents might be a probable option for you. However, wedding tents make for a good alternative in incidents of inclement weather. Tents provide some coverage. Your guest deserves all the protection they can get from rain, the blazing sun, or billowing winds. There are various kinds of party tents for you to choose from. Marquee is the most used tent by party organizers. You might need the tents for your musicians, or a catering tent. Make sure that the tent installation is done before starting the party. You may also need to hire heaters or air conditioners.

  • Chair rentals

Chairs are important items in your wedding rental list. You need to provide your guest’s chairs to sit during the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. Your musicians and caterers also need a place to sit. They are various styles of chairs available for you. Some chairs can match your party theme. Chair covers can be applied to make the chairs look elegant.

  • Table rentals

Tables, quite like chairs, make a pertinent item in your wedding party rental checklist. Tables can be used for placing your gifts for your seating assignments, for your cake and desserts, and your favors. Also, they are many different types of tables to always choose from. Choose the tables that match your party theme. Round tables fit best with the party tent. The choice of the table also influences that of the chair. Modern square tables with Ghost chairs whereas Long farm tables go best with cross back chairs. The tables should be aligned with the theme or mood of the party.

  • Linens and Napkins

Linens for your wedding tables create a regal appeal. These linens are available in diverse styles and fabrications. You should select the ones that fit best to your overall wedding theme and style. Don’t be afraid to mix and match. 

Dance floor or stage

The choice of stage or dance floor can be influenced by the size of your guest list. The wood is a common rental choice for the dance floor; however, you can opt for other materials.

  • Lighting equipment

There’s definitely more than enough need for a source of energy in your wedding. You may need to use lights, or your caterer to cook, and other audio equipment. Planning to rent a generator and other lighting equipment must be on your rental list.

  • Chinaware rentals

Items like chinaware can make a big impression when it comes to events.  Always go for party equipment rentals that offer chinaware. This chinaware comes at a very affordable rental price.

  • Glassware

Renting glassware is particularly essential if you are going to include a bar set up in your event. These are excellent items for tableware.

Other wedding rental items/equipment includes; Cookware, Visual or audio equipment, coolers, pitchers, cutlery, air conditioning, and heating sources, restroom, and décor.

  • Stage and Dance Floor

A well prepareed dance floor is the basic need of today’s wedding. This is awesome idea to have a Stag or dance floor on rental from our services so that you enjoy more with economic range.

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